Do you want to deepen and enrich felt-sensing?

You already have some experience in Focusing and Focusing partnership and are interested to learn more about thinking from a felt sense.

Or you are seeking a certification path that includes Focusing, TAE, and other practices coming from Gendlin’s philosophy.

If you are already certified, you might want to expand your experience and knowledge about the philosophical background of Focusing and TAE and learn more felt-sensing applications. 

The upcoming course "Thought-Movements with the Felt Sense" is the second part of the Training  & Certification Program "Deep Thinking to Move Life and Thoughts Forward." It also can function as a "stand-alone" course and a Post-Trainer Training.

Main Features

This course integrates many ideas I've developed during the last ten years of teaching Thinking at the Edge and 'Philosophy-into-Practice' classes, and while I was applying TAE in business for innovation and knowledge transfer in teams. The course emphasizes on:

  • Integrating the two methods, Focusing and TAE, and enriching each other by doing so

  • Combining personal growth and creative deep thinking as two strands that can cross

  • Bringing in more of Gendlin's philosophy (e.g., Thought-Ways of Thinking Beyond Patterns; Functional Relationships of Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning, A Process Model examples of creating concepts)

  • Providing applications of specific thought-movements and their combinations

  • Making TAE more flexible, accessible, and playful with Thetaland®--The Game of Inquiry

Here is what you get

  • 8 Classes

    I will introduce new material with examples from Gendlin's writing, instructions of exercises, and demonstrations of new skills. You will have time to practice individually and in partnerships, followed by sharing the experience, discussions, and Q&A.

  • 2 Practice Group Meetings

    I will facilitate practice group meetings. You will have plenty of opportunities to practice with the other participants. In the practice group meetings and during the partnerships in the classes, I will work directly with the participants.

  • Access to Learning Portal

    You will have permanent access to the learning portal with all the course materials, exercises, readings, and recordings.

  • Thetaland® - The Game of Inquiry Toolbox

    You will get your own toolbox via mail. It contains 12 different dwellings to go, each with 12 question+suggestion cards (144 in total), 24 images, and a manual with an inspiring prologue and epilogue.

  • Certification

    With this course, you are on your way to getting certified by the International Focusing Institute as Focusing Professional/Trainer. For achieving certification you need to attain two more courses.


Class 1:  Clearing a space and open a creative space

Setting up deep thinking – Separating personal issues from thinking tasks – Being in relation

Class 2:  Getting a sense of anything 

Differentiating between in-situation and of-situation feelings, felt meaning and felt sense

Class 3:  Letting a felt sense form to think from

Relevance – Finding the edge – Let a felt sense re-form

Class 4:  Explicating from a felt sense

A string of words – Naked saying – Thought-paths

Class 5:  From lived experience to concepts

Instances – Patterns from situations – Leap-concepts

Class 6:  Crossing

Patterns in instances – Letting pre-concepts work – Logic

Class 7:  Combining thought-movements

Functional relationships (ECM) in practice

Class 8:  Zigzagging 

Logical thinking and direct reference

Dates and Times


Classes: Thursday, Oct 14, 21, 28; Nov 4, 11*, 18; Dec 9, 16, 2021

Practice Group Meetings: Thursday, Jan 13 and Feb10, 2022


I am offering two parallel courses to enable people from all time zones to participate.

  • Course A at noon/12 pm – 2:30 pm EDT / EST* (New York)  only 1 spot left 
  • Course B at 7 pm – 9:30 pm EDT / EST* (New York) only 4 spots left

*Please notice that the USA will change from daylight saving time to standard time on November 7. From November 11 on, classes will be on EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Join the Live Online Course "Thought-Movements with the Felt Sense"

Pricing options

You have the choice to pay at once or in three slices. Registration will end on October 10.

Enrollment Process

Once you click the button “Sign up now,” you will be taken to our secure checkout.
You will be asked to create an account or to sign in when you already have an account.

After the checkout is complete, you’ll receive a receipt and a confirmation email which includes a link for the learning portal.

There you find a 3-question survey about your course preferences. Depending on the time you choose to participate, I will enroll you in Course A or Course B, respectively.

The material of the classes will be accessible before the classes take place.


  • How much Focusing do I need to join the course?

    You need to have:

    Initial Focusing skills

    Focusing Partnership skills (though not the award)

  • Are there any other pre-requisites for the course, like reading Gendlin’s books?

    No previous reading is required to join this course.

  • Is the course more about learning the philosophy or more about practicing?

    The course is focused on practicing and applying the practices coming out of Gendlin's philosophy. Gendlin’s writing is full of examples of how to think "with the implicit," "beyond patterns," or "at the edge.” We will learn from them.

  • Do I need to / or can I work on a project during the course?

    The course does not require that you are working on a project. However, if you want you can apply all the exercises and practices to one project.

  • Can I switch between the two Courses A and B?

    The group context and that you belong to a group are crucial for your learning experience. Switching to the other course for a single class will only be possible as an exception.

  • What are the other courses of the Program "Deep Thinking to Move Life and Thoughts Forward?"

    The Program consists of four courses:
    #1 Focusing for Thinking and Personal Growth
    #2 Thought-Movements with the Felt Sense (the actual course)
    #3 Crossing and Thinking Together
    #4 Application: A Project.

    If you have already Focusing and Focusing partnership experience you do not need to do course #1.

Do you still have questions?

Please, contact me. I am happy to answer your questions.