A "..." is not nothing

A "..." is a sign of something that is missing, a gap waiting to be filled with words and ideas. It promises that something new will emerge, something mysterious that awakens our curiosity and requires patience to let it unfold. It reminds us that there is always more to discover, even if we don't see it yet.

A "..." can seem threatening because of its uncertainty and our doubts. Are we able to bridge the slot? Can we solve the conflict or problem? Will we find the right words for the hunch that dwells within us?

On February 5, 11 am-1 pm EST (New York), we will discover the richness of a "...", highlight its potential, and deal with its obstacles.

  • We will discover the many facets of a "..." and learn about its functions.

  • We will explore different approaches to locating and maintaining a "..." so that you can fully unlock it.

  • We will have time to share our experiences with each other in breakout rooms.

  • You will receive a handout with the exercises from the session so that you can continue to experiment with a "..."

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