Upcoming Course "Thought-Movements with the Felt Sense"

The program "Deep Thinking to Move Life and Thoughts Forward" integrates many ideas I've developed during the last ten years of teaching TAE and 'Philosophy into Practice' classes and applying TAE in business for innovation and knowledge transfer in teams. The main features of the upcoming course are:

  • Integrating the two methods, Focusing and TAE, and enriching each other by doing so

  • Combining personal growth and creative deep thinking as two strands that can cross

  • Bringing in more of Gendlin's philosophy (e.g., the Thought-Ways of Thinking Beyond Patterns; the Functional Relationships of Experiencing and the Creation of Meaning, examples of creating concepts in A Process Model)

  • Providing applications of specific thought-movements and their combinations

  • Making TAE more flexible, accessible, and fun with Thetaland®--The Game of Inquiry. (You will get a Thetaland® Toolbox with 144 question+suggestion cards.)

Information Session about the upcoming Course "Though-Movements with the Felt Sense" and the Two Year Training and Certification Program

On September 9, at 12 pm (noon) EDT and at 7 pm EDT I will introduce the new program and you will have the opportunity to ask questions.