Have you built an expertise in a field you are passionate about?

You are very good at what you do, and you are proud of your accomplishments. And you indeed may be so!

Still, there is more that drives you. There is a knowing something more has to come. Something dwells in you that wants to be born. There is an urge to speak from your truth and with your own voice. There is something important to say or to change.

Every time you sit down to think about it, doubt overcomes you. You haven’t dared to start to develop your idea further. It feels too vague or too absurd. Or, you have started over and over again and strangely this project has not gone anywhere.

It is not a lack of knowledge or experience. Neither is it a lack of creativity. Your blocks are natural reactions to uncertainty.

The good thing is that we can learn from highly respected artists, scientists, inventors, and thought-leaders. They know that being uncertain is a state of mind that is a precondition for creativity. They trust their inner knowing despite any resistance from themselves or from others.

Hello, I am Evelyn Fendler-Lee

The experts, entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants I work with are deeply engaged in their work and have already gained a unique expertise they want to share with the world. I see my role as that of being a midwife so they can bring their knowing and creative ideas into being.

As for many of them as well for me, taking on a new task can feel very challenging.

In my previous career as a material scientist, I knew how to write articles, reports, and proposals. But not so when it came to writing an article about my experience with the thinking method “Thinking at the Edge” on which I have been working and teaching for more than 10 years.

The thing is, I was excited to write about it. I wanted people to know about this creative thinking method and the way I am teaching it. Still, when I sat down to write, I couldn’t get the article going. One day, when the deadline came closer, I asked myself a question I might have asked a client:

"What about this blockage is a resource?"

What followed was transformational. By facing my writing challenge and diving into it to find the resource I could 'see' how to write the article. Moreover, I understood what I was onto for a long time by asking questions like above.

A creative process is a challenge because of its uncertainty and uncertainty is also the force of creativity.

The trust in my own creative process and the new understanding enabled me to bring with Thetaland℠ - Services into being, a program that speaks from my experience.

Following the Uncertainty is Key to Unfolding Your Idea

Creating an Idea from Experience Doesn’t Have to be Frustrating

Confronted with uncertainty we often experience anxiety and stress, and react by trying to push harder or becoming blocked, discouraged, and frustrated. These impulses of fight, flight, and freeze are built in us to protect us in dangerous situations. However, they don’t help us to actively manage a new situation or to effectively solve a problem, nor are they conducive to creativity.

You might have tried self-management tools to overcome the blocks or you might have tried strategies to improve your emotional reactions. These kinds of tools are important and they help, but they don't work at the root of your struggles.

What you need to overcome the uncertainty aversion is a shift of perspective on uncertainty from seeing it as a threat to using it as a source of creativity.

Our struggle with uncertainty often points to difficult spots, like underlying conflicts, the ambiguity of a situation or an incompatibility, any of which could actually be the source of new insights and ideas. Still, our natural response to uncertainty is to return to certainty. Despite having so much more to offer, we might stay with what has already worked, or check what others are doing and undermine our self-confidence.

With a permanent reminder that your experience is unique and by acquiring the right tools to engage with it, you will start to see its invaluable importance. You will trust your inner knowing and your creative process.

To truly speak from our inner knowing is often unfamiliar to us. We don’t learn how to think from experience at school; the professional life requires clear statements and fast answers.

Thetaland™ not only will provide you with many ways to access your inner knowing and to speak from it, but also its playfulness will open a creative space and let you experience the joy of learning from yourself.

Introducing the Online Course "Move from Uncertainty to Confidently Bring Original Ideas to Life"

With Thetaland™ - A Proven, Playful and Replicable Creative Process

Dates and Deliveries

The next course will start February 2021.

The course consists of 5 Modules with recordings, introductions and exercises you will have access to in your learning platform. This makes it convenient to listen to them any time and to work on your own in your own pace.

There will be three Q&A calls with your questions being submitted by email in advance.

The course includes downloadable tools that keep you going, templates that help you to conceptualize and experiential exercises that deepen your thinking process.

The best off all: A Thetaland™ Toolbox will be mailed directly to your home.

The Thetaland™ Toolbox

The Thetaland™ Toolbox includes 12 dwellings (deviders) in 6 colors, 144 question cards (12 per dwelling), 24 photo cards, 10 manual cards, 1 prologue card and 1 epilogue card. A characteristic metaphor supports each dwelling, so you can explore your topic from different angles.

With the Thetaland™ Toolbox you always have a question or suggestion on hand to linger in thought and dialogue with your inner knowing. It may become your companion whenever thoughts are creative. You will experience the excitement and fun to explore your own inner world of experience while feeling sound and safe.

The methodology used in Thetaland™ is based on "Thinking at the Edge (TAE)", a practice that emerged from Eugene T. Gendlin's philosophy of the implicit. Thetaland™ invites you to turn your attention to topics or themes that may be still unclear. It provides valuable triggers to nudge you beyond your usual ways of thinking and to tread new paths of thought.

We will benefit from Thetaland™ to experience thinking at the edge without having it to learn firsthand. Once you've made the experience, there is always more to understand: about the topic you are working on, about your creative process, and about yourself.

Outline of the 5 Modules

We will embark on a journey through our as-yet-unexplored experience and we will take on the challenge to give language to it.

  • Module #1: How to Shift Perspective on Uncertainty

    Opening the door and stepping into an uncertain territory is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome in creativity. We will give you the tools to strike off encouraged and well prepared. We will walk you through 5 steps to shift perspective on uncertainty so you can discover how uncertainty is crucial for creative thinking. The Idyllic Garden of Thetaland™ offers you ways to find care for yourself. The Oracle will help you find what’s needed to sustain your engagement with the uncertainty during your whole thinking journey.

    You will receive:

    • exercises to get grounded and to open up a creative space
    • a template to find your individual way to engage with uncertainty
    • a protocol to have at hand whenever it might get too overwhelming
    • game features to make the whole journey playful
  • Module #2: What Have You Not Created Yet

    In this workshop we will take on the challenge to talk about a still unclear idea. We will introduce four dwellings of Thetaland™ to set up the topic. Ziggzagging between the dwellings will let you sense and articulate the relevance of your topic. By dipping into the thickness of your inner knowing your idea will begin to take shape. In addition, you will learn how to enrich your idea with external knowledge without losing your own point of view.

    You will receive:

    • a template with process steps to enter the felt dimension of the topic
    • some fun exercises to move between the felt and symbolized dimension of thoughts
    • pathways to move easily between the four dwellings introduced in this module
    • Bonus: questions from the Thetaland™ Toolbox 2 will open up further channels of expression for the felt dimension of thought
  • Module #3: How to Find the Riches in Uncertainty

    Uncertainty is our guide to identify what really matters. We will provide different lenses to focus the attention to the center of what’s not known yet, what's unclear or ambiguous. You will find the spark spots from where precision and originality can emerge. The Oracle gives hints to see uncertainty as spark spots. At The Volcano you will dip deep into the uncertainty to find the seeds for fresh thoughts. The Sculptor will help to formulate the crux of the topic you are working.

    You will receive:

    • a downloadable exercise to reframe personal uncertainty into productive uncertainty
    • a thesaurus of possible spark spots (e.g. ambiguity, paradox, contradiction) with their definitions and characteristics so you know what to look for
    • a template with formulations that will help you to discover and get hold of the spark spots
  • Module #4: How to Speak Genuinely from Spark Spots

    For the idea to manifest you need to find a language that says what your experience is about. We will introduce 5 principles that fuel the creative thought process. Starting from the spark spots you will develop threads of thoughts by following your inner compass. The Murmuring Brook helps to keep your words flowing. The Mountain Lake and The Glade will let you see what's new, surprising, and essential. They keep you oriented when getting lost in the complexity of your thoughts and help to bring them back to the point.

    You will receive:

    • an instruction for using poetry as a way to speak from experience
    • a template for the seemingly impossible task to extract aspects of “what hasn’t created yet” from already lived situations or events
    • examples of structures that organize but don't constrain
    • Bonus: questions from the Thetaland™ Toolbox 2 to deepen and to diverge your thinking and to generalize individual stories
  • Module # 5: How Looking Back Will Take Your Idea Further

    During this final workshop you will have the opportunity to review your journey. Now that you’ve already gone on a journey in Thetaland™ you can say more what made you going and how the dwellings supported you. You will learn more about the thinking methodology on which Thetaland™ is based on. This further understanding will help you to go on a creative journey on your own and to deepen your thinking experience.

    You will receive:

    • templates to create conceptual maps to see the whole picture of your idea
    • roadmaps through Thetaland™ that address different thinking tasks
    • a questionnaire to reflect your experience during your journey

Enrollment Process

Once you click the button “Sign up now” you will be taken to our secure checkout.

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After the checkout is complete, you’ll receive a receipt and a confirmation email which includes a link for the learning platform. The material of the workshops will be accessible latest a day before the workshop takes place.

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We want our participants to move forward. If for any reason the content and experience of the first virtual workshop do not work for you, we will refund your tuition less the cost for the Thetaland™ Toolbox. Your refund will be $ 530 ($ 300 when signed up as a student).

Just send an email.

Are you ready to strike off to create an original idea from your unique experience?

Take the opportunity to “Move from Uncertainty to Confidently Bring Original Ideas to Life”.

What you will gain

  • Conceptual clarity and personal confidence about your idea.

  • Understanding of your own creative process and what it needs to keep it going.

  • Deep creative thinking skills by speaking from your inner knowing, the felt dimension of thought.

Pricing options

One time payment for access to lifetime access to the online course material and 3 Q&A Calls (Signing up as a student you will be asked to send a student ID.)


The first 10 participants who register will get a yearlong subscription for "Coffee with Gendlin - From Philosophy into Practice"

We will meet once a month for an hour to harvest some of Gendlin’s work by applying it. Each time you will gain another feature to deepen your thinking.  A voluntary partnership following the talk will give you an opportunity to try it out. 

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Are you still uncertain? Do you have any questions?

You might find answers from the FAQ below or just write an email. I am happy to say more about the course and to answer your questions.



  • What is your refund policy?

    We want our participants to move forward. If for any reasons the content and experience of the first workshop does not work for you, we will refund your tuition less the cost for the Thetaland™ Toolbox and shipping. Your refund will be $ 530 ($ 300 when signed up as a student). Just send an email any time.

  • Do I have to pay extra for the Thetaland™ Toolbox?

    Your investment for the course includes the Thetaland™ Toolbox which will be sent to you immediately after you've signed up.

  • What happens when I haven’t yet received the Thetaland™ Toolbox before the course starts?

    The first workshop day is designed such that you do not need the Toolbox. In the unlikely case that the Toolbox would not arrive for the second workshop day, you will be provided with the question cards online. Just let me know.

  • When will we have access to the material in the learning platform?

    The material for each workshop will be accessible a week before the course starts.

  • Does the course make sense for me when I do not have yet an idea?

    Yes, sure. During the second and third workshop day, we provide many ways so you can find what your idea is about.

  • As a college student I have not yet developed a specific expertise. Is the course right for me?

    Yes, the course is very well suitable for students. It is especially helpful when you are about to write your thesis or are stuck with it.