How to Bring More of Gendlin's Philosophy into Practice?

Gendlin's work is about how to think with the implicit. He provides a language to talk about it and he is demonstrating how to think with the implicit in the very talking about it.

We will meet every last Saturday of each month in 2021 for an hour (11am-noon, EST) to harvest some of Gendlin’s work by applying it. Each time you will gain another feature to deepen your thinking. A voluntary partnership following the talk will give you an opportunity to try it out.

Here are some topics we will address: • Variations of crossing • Where and how to apply crossing? • Listening in a crossing way • The thought-ways of Thinking Beyond Patterns and how they are related to TAE steps. • How TAE steps can be applied in a Focusing session • Some thinking strategies from A Process Model.

The talks will be recorded and you will have access to the recordings in your learning platform.

Starting January 30, 2021

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